Monday, August 17, 2009

The Site. The Reel. The Legend.

The Site has been given a few upgrades. also the reel is working. check out the new version:

here's the reel again, just to get it out there floatin' around the internets.


andrewQuintiliani said...

Dang dude, pretty epic. Definitely has a lot of personality and style.

Maarten Rijs said...

fantastic site dude. youd make a hell of a website designer haha.
your showreel is inspiring!! i also love the cinematic typography experiment.. very awesome.

thanks a lot for the feedback.. i dont really choose for this style conciously, it just happens haha. i do find it an interesting idea to play with shapes and charicature in life drawings.. exploring the area between life drawing and cartoon drawing.
maybe i will try that in the future..

Joe Karg said...

This reel is mondo-sicko. Insane impressive brother. Thanks for the "WILDECKER" comment. I can't wait to see the finish myself.

Give a holler some time, and we'll grab a beer man.


pacsauer said...

Motion graphics is definitely your thing, Jason. You've got a good feel for what looks nice in the kinetic typo realm. Nice reel. Enough Early though...can't stand those squiddillies :)

Unlimited 99 said...

ohhh... you cheeky bastard.

Joe Karg said...

It's good to be someone's hero, and I'm glad to be yours.

Consequently, you are one of mine, so I guess that cancels us out and we're just normal dudes.

Hit me up on the tele when you get a chance. I want to rap with you.



Jeff said...

Awesome stuff man! You did a crap load of work there at RA. Pretty awesome. Did they finally offer you a job?

I also just finished my reel for 2009. Check it out sometime.

maarten said...

I want new stuff mateee

maarten said...

hey dude,
i guess i was a little vaque in the description, but nothing was referenced or anything, just inspired by. its all my drawings.
just wanted to get that out haha, i guess i still feel the shame from referencing lion king drawings years back. lol.
hope your doing good! would love to see some new stuff on your blog.

maarten said...

by the way, i tried to delete the comment i left on response to yours, but i accidently deleted both. just dont think im censoring your words haha.