Saturday, March 21, 2009

straight to video.


came across this when i was looking for the bridgeman drawing a minute ago, too funny not to post. this was a ridiculously fake trailer i had to do for a digital video class a couple years back. there's supposed to be a New Line Cinema's Logo at the beginning but for some reason it's not in any of the test videos i had published. oh well.

oh and in case you've lived under a moldy rock for the past 15 years, dumb and dumber is where the clips are from. (i suppose that last statement can double as my defense against any copyright infringement that may be brought upon me.)

enjoy the movie.


andrewQuintiliani said...

Ha, really funny! What's the audio from, silence of the lambs? ....skank....

Heather Berry said...

Lols! Didn't think it was possible to turn Dumb and Dumber into horror but you proved me wrong.

So I decided to look you up in my year book to see if you really are who you say you are. But guess what, I don't see you. So who are you really Mr. Barnes? If that's even your real name...

Marco Roblin said...

Hahahahaha! Can't wait to see it!
Was frightened the first time, now horrofied!
All the best!

Maarten Rijs said...

haha great editing man. seriously, profesional stuff! i love the design of the guy in the game.. is making games something you want to pursue in the future?

so your wish is my command. i uploaded something new, its not much, but it will be the first in a line of posts..

your blog always inspires me.. shouldve done it before but your in my link list now!

Maarten Rijs said...
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Maarten Rijs said...

hey jason, thanks for the words dude. thats what motivates me...
i still struggle, but hey i guess everybody does.
cant wait for the second demo of your game :)
i made a skateboard demo with a friend once who could program... i still wanna make it one day. the concept had potential.
i couldnt draw back then so the graphics suck haha.
the site is not flash btw.

i love the charicatures in your archives.. would love to see some more of that!!
how do you ink your digital pieces?

Jeff said...

Holy shit dude, great minds think alike. I also turned Dumb and Dumber into a horror flick for that Video Editing class. I called it Scary and Scarier. Slow down Jim Carey's face in the limo at the beginning and its the scariest thing in the world.

Also! I've moved my blog and am now using wordpress. Check it out sometime!