Saturday, October 25, 2008

i'm trying

don't have much personal work to post.
mainly just doin' the intern thing these days
and relaxing during the very few hours
i have to myself.

anyways, i been watching a lot of the shorts
from the students at Gobelins and i have to say
those are some of the most talented animators
around. they're building an army over there
in France. Amassing a horde of talented young artists
that are going to rule the animation world.

check em out:


Yusuke Sato said...

im speechless

Amanda said...

hey have you seen oktapodi? its done by guys from gobelins...go look it up on youtube...its amazing!!!

andrewQuintiliani said...

Yeah agreed, Gobelins is taking over animation. BOUT FECKING TIME!!! I realize the time crunch on animation and stuff, but any one of those shorts is better than the black princess movie is gonna be... I hope I am wrong though... sigh, awesome

Maarten Rijs said...

hey jason,
yeah man whatsup with those french guys, they are so friking crazy. i mean.. all good comics are from france too. anyway, thats the reason why i am hoping to go to school there haha, i hope their secret is in the schools.

thanks for your comment!! the pencil sketches are actually pen sketches, haha. but the camera made the lines really light.
but your right about the contrast anyway! its something i need to push... i think experimenting is always a little scary :)

by the way, i just remembered that 2-3 months ago or something you said you wanted to see more drawings from imagination... anyway, at the time i was not practicing it much at all, but your comment pushed me, so ive been doing it loads the last few months and i think ive really progressed. maybe ill post some of that soon.

loving the drawings in your last posts... i especially like your charicature of joe... so awesome!

ok sorry for talking so much haha.

Marco Roblin said...

Hi Jason!
Nice portrait down there!
Good luck on the intern thing...I'm sure you'll do great! Such talent...
Gobelins! WOW! Thanks for the tip!
All the best!