Saturday, September 13, 2008

not just some of the t-t-time.

had some free-time friday morning.
might do something with it tomorrow night.

soundtribe: instantly


Joe Karg said...

Nice J. I really dig that sound bite. Yeah, I can't wait to get crackin on the fisherman designs and beats. I'll probably be ironing out the story for the next 2 months or so, and then I'll start the design work, but I won't post any of it until the end of next year some time when I start a blog just for it. I'll email you the good stuff though, just to keep you in the loop.


Marco Roblin said...

Hey Jason!
Nice work! I love the way fade into black and the music highlight! But I wish to see more of it...
All the best Jason!

ryanprows said...

looks cool. fun music choice.

Amanda said...

haha i like the walking legs...the music is pretty nice too ;D

Samantha said...
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